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About Our Company

Casa Excelente, S. L. is a company specialized in real estate operations on the Costa del Sol. With more than 30 years of experience in the national and international real estate market, we know in depth the subtleties and peculiarities of this ever changing market.

Whether you want to buy, sell or rent, we are your competent contact for advice on all relevant issues. All our activities are focused on your interests. Our primary objective is to ensure that the purchase or sale of your property is carried out with maximum security and peace of mind. We offer you a comprehensive and highly personalized service.

In addition, we will be happy to answer your technical questions regarding the construction, renovation and extension and, at your request, we will even take care of the execution.

Let us advise you in detail and lay the foundations for a successful cooperation in the purchase or sale of your property. Casa Excelente, S.L. is a limited liability company of Spanish nationality and therefore subject to Spanish law.

Meet Our Team

The Casa Excelente team has set itself the goal of making you the center of our activity. Your wishes and expectations determine our actions. We take note of your ideas in order to present you with the property that best suits your requirements. Our best references are satisfied customers.

Christian Richter

Banker, Business Consultant, Real Estate

Kyra Sena Hernández

Real Estate, Financial Management

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